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Thursday, November 25, 2010

ma lovely family!

i love them damn MUCH!

ma mom n daddy cool!
sporting habes n da jadik bestfren husband i from 2004!
cool huh?

ni ma sis wif ma lil bro,shomel kan??


cuti raya haji yg xberapa nak cuti..balik kg mlm raye..balik kl balik petang raye..aduhai..xpuas nk melepak..then,ayah aku create urgency plan..die ckp nk follow balik kl n bnak tgok umah baru kami..hehehe...M E L O N C A T- L O N C A T ler anak sulung nye ini..hehehe,sbb kalo nak ikotkan mak aku mmg tanak p nane,yela..adik pempuan aku xlama lg nak spm..kesian die..kang stress plak penat p mai p mai..erm..tp kalini,mmg kompom family aku konvoi skali balik umah...yeayyyyy!!!tp xbrape syok sbb aku keje...haisy..xpela,jnji balik keje ade mak,ayah aku n adik2 kat umah..hehehe...sonok sonok..act,since we (me+naim) had to be transferred to KL, we seldom go out for a family dinner...start kawen mmg jarang sgt aku balik kemaman..zmn student toksah ckp aa..tiap2 minggu aku duk menyemak kat umah..hahahaha..yelah,dulu student,now da keje..so,da de commitment yg lg nak kena jaga..chewaaahh.. So,for dinner time.. me n naim suggested to go to Flaming Steamboat, Setapak.....and finaly!!! We had a really really really..good time!Took some pics with ma sexy bb. Enjoy.......

pas mkn..balik umah n bersembang sampai mata masing2 jadi kecik..hahaha..*esoknye aku keje n mak n ayah da nak bertolak balik sbb sabtu ade kenduri... =.=
sedey xdpt balik...

kenduri umah naim pon kitorang xdpt join sbb?aku keje..sorry cik abg... :(

then now,mak ayah da balik..kitorang berpecah kat persimpangan sunway..mak ayah ke ampang,kami ke sunway..sob sob sob..sedey...T.T

Sunday, November 7, 2010

b u a h b e r r y kesayangan!

ma D E S I R E but not a N E E D..chewwwahhhh!

If only I'm darn rich, of course I will try to achieve all ma desires eventho they r not a need. Well, it is hard to resist ur desire kan, n most of desires are just merely a desire n is not a need. If u fulfill ur desire, is either u started to waste money or u started to lose ur self-control..this is wut ma mom said.! It's always easy to say, but it is hard to control. Again I would say, if ma finance is overflowing (earning million dollars a month), afta helping those in need, I will surely get maself everything tat i desire!agagaga.. I fell in love with this elegant iPad n iPod touch after da very first sight at The Gardens n bile try experience hanna nye iPod..haisy.... I tell you, if only ma laptop is no longer functioning now, I will surely quickly save... cut down on all glorious food, eat porridge and then get this reddysexy ipad+ipod...oooo maaa.. *Crazy*hahahahaha...

T I R E D before...H A P P Y afta!weeeee!

JUST SO t i r e d..pheewww!

ms nina + mr naim ma lubby!


its me..hands up!

snap snap!

thanks abg for everything!!mmuaahh!

Moving house is not a joke n we've been so exhausted (esp naim)..n extremely tired for da past few weeks. And till today, da officially moved!! coz b4 ni..when we set a date to move, something happened n we had to delay.
Delay means .. more tired! I would rather I don't sleep for the ONE weekend than I don't sleep well for the few weekdays + weekends!then da pindah..sume da settle..mmg H A P P Y G I L E ngn our new home..very peace!!!release sgt!but da problem is mase 1st masuk..hehehe..parking kete..xsmpt nak settle coz mgt yg trlalu strict but lembap!everyday..in ma head..When will this end? A bit question mark.....
a B I G '?' when WE NEED PARKING LOT!!!penat kot balik keje kne parking kat visitor...haisy,kecian kat hubby aku duk ulang alik management settle pasal parking semata2..then,finally,time aku MC tu,aku trus p follow up n jdik
I R R A TE C US T O M E R!hahaha..padan muke..buat keje lembap nak mampos! plz la..WTF byar utilities bla bla..add on serv bla bla..but thenstill ko keje lembap?1 more thing is I just do not want the hassle to search around for parking.
I've already tried ma best to be very very very positive. Still put on a smile on ma face, be happy and try to be cheerful. Yes, I've tried ma very best for da past few weeks even though I was so tired..happy mmg happy but just penat... then..finally..D E M A M seminggu..hahahah..n I tried not to ponder on the word TIRED but everyday is a good day kan..n God mercies r new every morning.
We actually don't have much time as for now. Morning we left home at 9.30am and reach home about 7pm. Cook for dinner + washing n all settled about 8.30pm. Do some cleaning and packing, try to settle by 10.00pm..sbb afta 10pm we H A V E to R E S T!hahaha....bath n then a little of TV time and by 10.30pm latest,we need to sleep! Otherwise next day I will be a moody girl!agagaga..luckily having
MA SUPERMAN!!!i love u!!!
coz die mmg sgt *P E L A W A K!!hahahaha...n thus, where is ma family time? da lama xbalik kg..rindu dorang sgt2!

=( Lack of family time is da one tat upset me da most!

The only time I can sleep well n enjoy dating is when everything is settled!!! ~weeeeeee!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

human!plz *B E R S Y U K U R*or in other words..T H A N K s G O D!

when 'me'......r u m b l i n g!

There are many people n I could say most of da people (act including me b4)in da world always complain tat life is S*****, life is boring or to be precise, ma WORKING life is boring, no challenge, no future etc ..bla bla..B O S S xbest,K E J E xbest..la bla..bla... Usually when I hear all these, I will not let it buried in ma brain, otherwise I would be in danger just like them. I learnt new method to get rid of those parasite words by grabbing ma ears and shake it, hahahaha .. dusting off da words out n blow far far away. Thanks to MR NAIM for this method. It helps a lot by not digesting all those parasite words tat bring no future but harm. If a person that is weak n hear all these, they will agree n fall into the same trap, ma life is B O R I N G!

Ok fine, when u said ur life is boring, how do you face challenges? Many people who said tat actually quit when the real challenge come. They started to look down, do not dare to face the challenge, felt they are so small and stepping backwards hoping the challenge goes off on its own. MOST OF THE PEOPLE RUN AWAY! They don't dare to face da reality n how dare they say their working life has no challenge? Sometimes I just felt so pity for them that they get upset over a very small thing and it makes them no mood to work. What a waste.. .

No matter what job you do, it will be a routine job after some time. You can jump to another field, again it will be routine. n there u are, da lips started to complain again, awwww.. boring! It's rather impossible that u jump every 3 months when you get bored with ur job, isn't it? How do u deal with da routine job then? i want to be positive!

p/s:If u dare to complain, dare to face the challenge when it comes! Don't be HUGE in complain but TIMID in heart!

m o v i n g h o u s e i n p r o g r e s s!
And finally....... after ding dong ming mong for so many weeks, finally we've decided to carry out with our plan....... SHIFT!!Current house is in a total mess and thanks to us... creating such mess. I just couldn't stand the uncleanliness of such boxes, bags, plastic bags, paper bags everywhere in the house as long as there is space to walk.

ma hubby aka ma supa duppa powa man!!!

Trolley bags to stuffs all my clothes.... look at those clothes sometimes was due impulsive buy and now, I implement self-control. No longer as crazy as last time. Learn to appreciate money and well, money is not easy to earn. Earn it yourself and you will know how to appreciate!

New House, New Kitchen, New Creations!!

p/s:indoor pitcha will b upload later!

My husband and I are finally in our new home and I have a kitchen that is all mine! With a new kitchen, it seems appropriate to track ma hubby+me into new culinary adventures and share them with the world, or at least the tiny part of da world interested in macooking. Enjoy!