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Sunday, November 7, 2010

T I R E D before...H A P P Y afta!weeeee!

JUST SO t i r e d..pheewww!

ms nina + mr naim ma lubby!


its me..hands up!

snap snap!

thanks abg for everything!!mmuaahh!

Moving house is not a joke n we've been so exhausted (esp naim)..n extremely tired for da past few weeks. And till today, da officially moved!! coz b4 ni..when we set a date to move, something happened n we had to delay.
Delay means .. more tired! I would rather I don't sleep for the ONE weekend than I don't sleep well for the few weekdays + weekends!then da pindah..sume da settle..mmg H A P P Y G I L E ngn our new home..very peace!!!release sgt!but da problem is mase 1st masuk..hehehe..parking kete..xsmpt nak settle coz mgt yg trlalu strict but lembap!everyday..in ma head..When will this end? A bit question mark.....
a B I G '?' when WE NEED PARKING LOT!!!penat kot balik keje kne parking kat visitor...haisy,kecian kat hubby aku duk ulang alik management settle pasal parking semata2..then,finally,time aku MC tu,aku trus p follow up n jdik
I R R A TE C US T O M E R!hahaha..padan muke..buat keje lembap nak mampos! plz la..WTF byar utilities bla bla..add on serv bla bla..but thenstill ko keje lembap?1 more thing is I just do not want the hassle to search around for parking.
I've already tried ma best to be very very very positive. Still put on a smile on ma face, be happy and try to be cheerful. Yes, I've tried ma very best for da past few weeks even though I was so tired..happy mmg happy but just penat... then..finally..D E M A M seminggu..hahahah..n I tried not to ponder on the word TIRED but everyday is a good day kan..n God mercies r new every morning.
We actually don't have much time as for now. Morning we left home at 9.30am and reach home about 7pm. Cook for dinner + washing n all settled about 8.30pm. Do some cleaning and packing, try to settle by 10.00pm..sbb afta 10pm we H A V E to R E S T!hahaha....bath n then a little of TV time and by 10.30pm latest,we need to sleep! Otherwise next day I will be a moody girl!agagaga..luckily having
MA SUPERMAN!!!i love u!!!
coz die mmg sgt *P E L A W A K!!hahahaha...n thus, where is ma family time? da lama xbalik kg..rindu dorang sgt2!

=( Lack of family time is da one tat upset me da most!

The only time I can sleep well n enjoy dating is when everything is settled!!! ~weeeeeee!

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