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Sunday, November 7, 2010

ma D E S I R E but not a N E E D..chewwwahhhh!

If only I'm darn rich, of course I will try to achieve all ma desires eventho they r not a need. Well, it is hard to resist ur desire kan, n most of desires are just merely a desire n is not a need. If u fulfill ur desire, is either u started to waste money or u started to lose ur self-control..this is wut ma mom said.! It's always easy to say, but it is hard to control. Again I would say, if ma finance is overflowing (earning million dollars a month), afta helping those in need, I will surely get maself everything tat i desire!agagaga.. I fell in love with this elegant iPad n iPod touch after da very first sight at The Gardens n bile try experience hanna nye iPod..haisy.... I tell you, if only ma laptop is no longer functioning now, I will surely quickly save... cut down on all glorious food, eat porridge and then get this reddysexy ipad+ipod...oooo maaa.. *Crazy*hahahahaha...

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