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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

32 weeks same dengan 8 bulan

smlm p check up...baby sihat alhamdulillah,as per wut doc said,baby da getting lower,position normal,n air ketuban banyak.....n today I am 32 weeks n 1 day pregnant...this means I have a minimum of 4 weeks n a maximum of 8 weeks to give birth if she is not overdue...It's actually really exciting n I can't quite believe that I am going to be a mummy very soon. :)
Each week ma bump is getting bigger n it's becoming harder to move about, I'm still fine but mmg bloated je xkira masa...All is good apart from da occasional heartburn n shortness of breath, I just can't wait to meet the little one! excited..tp agak nebes..hehehe..harini kat opis..jmpa dgn Boss tersayang.. ma lovely boss approved ma new request for maternity leave...Thank u Sha..so..ma last day will be on next Wednesday. .:Yippee:. I'm praying this isn't too early...I'm going to spend da time before she arrives relaxing n doing any last minute preparations...yg paling mummy excited nk deco bilik baby,tp maybe xdpt nk buat byk bnda..just kasi idea kat papa je..so,yg implement,yg buat sume papa ye..
erm..harini paling teruk smpai rasa mcm nak mintak balik..tp bertahan..n now da 3.18,i think,sayang nak balik...MC,malam ni if teruk lagi baru p clinic...
aurgh..semputttt aje...sampai naim suke perli,sbb tarik nafas je ade sound kan..hahaha..sorry ye..mummy da jadik dragon...
benda yg paling menakutkan...I have been having a few contractions da past couple of days.. takut mula2,then call mak..mak cakap tu normal,unless kalo xde buat pape then tetiba sakit ..itu mmg labour pain...urm,kuss semangat.....nanti ade masa update lagi... :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

May Allah swt bless all ur kindness...ameen..

Well hello everyone :p Blogging seems not tat fun anymore n it has nothing to do wif pregnancy hormones.
But still, i love reading others…n yes, facebook is a medium for me to play games n twitter is ma private gossip corner…hehehe..
So, I'm not that good wif strangers nowadays…Life has been good, semalam makan sate sedap dekat taman dato harun,PJ,p sane lepak ngn ice,asyu,kak lang n jumpa along ambik barang2 baby….along,tq tq tq sgt sbb sponsor byk sgt da things yg we definitely need!!!mcm sleep suits,sleeved suits,short sleeved suits,rompers,socks,hat,mittens and bootees (ngehh..these disappear quickly),baby hood,BABY CAR SEAT,BABY BOUNCER…Byk lg n ade yg ili sendiri tatau ape name pon..hehehe… tq along..tq sgt2…kitorang sgt2 menghargai nya.. love u along..so bila tgok dgn ape yg kitorang da beli ngn ape yg along kasi semuanye da complete..tq to yaya n mimo jugak untuk rompers yg sgt2 comel2…alhamdulillah,rezeki baby sgt murah...
Now that 7 months n a half have flew by, we need to sort out what we REALLY need for our new arrival n for me after birth. So me n naim have outlined FEW list to give us an idea of what we need.. now,tgah planning nk deco bilik baby,hehehe… sumenye akan settle hasil dr titik peluh mummy n papa saje..special tak baby…kan lebih sweet?mummy akan kuarkan sume creativity yg ade ni..bia bilik baby cantik..okey?now kat opis,act,agak pening kepala..td boss ade tegur,tanye nape mata merah n berair mcm sesema…aku ckp ok je..act pening pon mmg xteruk sgt,just rase berdenyut2 sket je..sbb mmg da tau..malam nt msti demam ni..p/s: again alhamdulillah i would like to thank to everyone that has been kind enough to belikan,n kasi kat kitorang all this brg2 baby,,sampai we didnt have to buy any of these..May Allah swt bless all ur kindness...ameen..
Pitcha akan di upload afta da done wif 2nd round pre wash session..

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10 weeks left,dubdabdubdab

Some of u have asked why I haven't posted a new ultrasound picture of baby..i’m sorry to say that I don’t have any great ultrasound pics to share this time around…I was hoping da baby would take after me n be a camera girl,hehehe but she was a little on da shy side…She was lying on her tummy n we couldn’t get her to turn over to get a good picture of her face. wif that being said we couldn’t get a good image of his heart either. .da good news, everything seems healthy for all intents n purposes. We did get to see her beating heart,janji baby sihat-sihat aje kat dalam ye..
Our next appointment is 22ndNov 2011, maybe then I’ll have a good picture to post of her face….insyaAllah..
The baby is currently as impatient as we are, but we're telling her to slow down, hehe,how do I know she's impatient? Other than da scan that showed that she was too low, I often get small kicks on ma arm when I sleep at night. Those slight kicks are enough to keep me awake for a few minutes at least. :p
I have about 10 weeks left before the labour, insyaAllah, so I make sure I get everything ready to bring to the hospital. Inside the bag is all the stuffs (including my stuff and the baby) that I already packed since I was in ma 27weeks n I make sure I keep the bag safely inside the car. Well, you never know when the baby wants to come out. She might come out early, late or just in time. I just want to make sure I have everything that I need when the time comes. Hopefully everything will be fine. Wish me luck folks!:)