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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10 weeks left,dubdabdubdab

Some of u have asked why I haven't posted a new ultrasound picture of baby..i’m sorry to say that I don’t have any great ultrasound pics to share this time around…I was hoping da baby would take after me n be a camera girl,hehehe but she was a little on da shy side…She was lying on her tummy n we couldn’t get her to turn over to get a good picture of her face. wif that being said we couldn’t get a good image of his heart either. .da good news, everything seems healthy for all intents n purposes. We did get to see her beating heart,janji baby sihat-sihat aje kat dalam ye..
Our next appointment is 22ndNov 2011, maybe then I’ll have a good picture to post of her face….insyaAllah..
The baby is currently as impatient as we are, but we're telling her to slow down, hehe,how do I know she's impatient? Other than da scan that showed that she was too low, I often get small kicks on ma arm when I sleep at night. Those slight kicks are enough to keep me awake for a few minutes at least. :p
I have about 10 weeks left before the labour, insyaAllah, so I make sure I get everything ready to bring to the hospital. Inside the bag is all the stuffs (including my stuff and the baby) that I already packed since I was in ma 27weeks n I make sure I keep the bag safely inside the car. Well, you never know when the baby wants to come out. She might come out early, late or just in time. I just want to make sure I have everything that I need when the time comes. Hopefully everything will be fine. Wish me luck folks!:)


  1. I pray da best 4u my fren..i'allah smoga dipermudahkn segalanya..

  2. semoga dipermudahkan yep! hehe