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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

32 weeks same dengan 8 bulan

smlm p check up...baby sihat alhamdulillah,as per wut doc said,baby da getting lower,position normal,n air ketuban banyak.....n today I am 32 weeks n 1 day pregnant...this means I have a minimum of 4 weeks n a maximum of 8 weeks to give birth if she is not overdue...It's actually really exciting n I can't quite believe that I am going to be a mummy very soon. :)
Each week ma bump is getting bigger n it's becoming harder to move about, I'm still fine but mmg bloated je xkira masa...All is good apart from da occasional heartburn n shortness of breath, I just can't wait to meet the little one! excited..tp agak nebes..hehehe..harini kat opis..jmpa dgn Boss tersayang.. ma lovely boss approved ma new request for maternity leave...Thank u Sha..so..ma last day will be on next Wednesday. .:Yippee:. I'm praying this isn't too early...I'm going to spend da time before she arrives relaxing n doing any last minute preparations...yg paling mummy excited nk deco bilik baby,tp maybe xdpt nk buat byk bnda..just kasi idea kat papa je..so,yg implement,yg buat sume papa ye..
erm..harini paling teruk smpai rasa mcm nak mintak balik..tp bertahan..n now da 3.18,i think,sayang nak balik...MC,malam ni if teruk lagi baru p clinic...
aurgh..semputttt aje...sampai naim suke perli,sbb tarik nafas je ade sound kan..hahaha..sorry ye..mummy da jadik dragon...
benda yg paling menakutkan...I have been having a few contractions da past couple of days.. takut mula2,then call mak..mak cakap tu normal,unless kalo xde buat pape then tetiba sakit ..itu mmg labour pain...urm,kuss semangat.....nanti ade masa update lagi... :)

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