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Saturday, November 6, 2010

human!plz *B E R S Y U K U R*or in other words..T H A N K s G O D!

when 'me'......r u m b l i n g!

There are many people n I could say most of da people (act including me b4)in da world always complain tat life is S*****, life is boring or to be precise, ma WORKING life is boring, no challenge, no future etc ..bla bla..B O S S xbest,K E J E xbest..la bla..bla... Usually when I hear all these, I will not let it buried in ma brain, otherwise I would be in danger just like them. I learnt new method to get rid of those parasite words by grabbing ma ears and shake it, hahahaha .. dusting off da words out n blow far far away. Thanks to MR NAIM for this method. It helps a lot by not digesting all those parasite words tat bring no future but harm. If a person that is weak n hear all these, they will agree n fall into the same trap, ma life is B O R I N G!

Ok fine, when u said ur life is boring, how do you face challenges? Many people who said tat actually quit when the real challenge come. They started to look down, do not dare to face the challenge, felt they are so small and stepping backwards hoping the challenge goes off on its own. MOST OF THE PEOPLE RUN AWAY! They don't dare to face da reality n how dare they say their working life has no challenge? Sometimes I just felt so pity for them that they get upset over a very small thing and it makes them no mood to work. What a waste.. .

No matter what job you do, it will be a routine job after some time. You can jump to another field, again it will be routine. n there u are, da lips started to complain again, awwww.. boring! It's rather impossible that u jump every 3 months when you get bored with ur job, isn't it? How do u deal with da routine job then? i want to be positive!

p/s:If u dare to complain, dare to face the challenge when it comes! Don't be HUGE in complain but TIMID in heart!

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