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Saturday, November 6, 2010

m o v i n g h o u s e i n p r o g r e s s!
And finally....... after ding dong ming mong for so many weeks, finally we've decided to carry out with our plan....... SHIFT!!Current house is in a total mess and thanks to us... creating such mess. I just couldn't stand the uncleanliness of such boxes, bags, plastic bags, paper bags everywhere in the house as long as there is space to walk.

ma hubby aka ma supa duppa powa man!!!

Trolley bags to stuffs all my clothes.... look at those clothes sometimes was due impulsive buy and now, I implement self-control. No longer as crazy as last time. Learn to appreciate money and well, money is not easy to earn. Earn it yourself and you will know how to appreciate!

New House, New Kitchen, New Creations!!

p/s:indoor pitcha will b upload later!

My husband and I are finally in our new home and I have a kitchen that is all mine! With a new kitchen, it seems appropriate to track ma hubby+me into new culinary adventures and share them with the world, or at least the tiny part of da world interested in macooking. Enjoy!

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