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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

me today!!


Today..W O R K is awesome as well.. Getting more n more busier.. But I dun mind since
I L O V E it there.. Hehe..keje keje keje...fb fb fb+keje keje keje....then,yaya+mimo bbm ckp ajak lepak kat sunway,mkn kt BK,haisy..mmg i xkan decline lor..!take away tuk my S U P E R M A N skali..

this is for ma S U P E R M A N!




jenjalan kat ss 15,carik P O P my BERRY!jmpe akhirnye!!gile best!lepak smpai muntah...hahaha.....then,balik....bye mimo,bye yaya*xde idea nk taip da..so sorry coz jln cite mcm keras+kaku..hahahaha..nt i edit balik!n now.....................
haisy! I'm sure I'm gonna get screwed coz x tido lagi up till now...I just can't sleep+temankan
....S U P E R M A N study math....
Too excited n happy.. Hehe.. I guess the reality finally sink in.. Like I said to u.. Am trying to get use to the 'F' word.. Hehe.. Just thinking of it makes my tummy dancing.. U know wut I mean.. Not the butterfly in my stomach effect tho.. The other one..

Anyways.. Nothing much to talk about.. Coz most of the things that happened are just so freakin' personal.. Which i prefer to be known just by the 2 of us.. ..lalalala....

erm..try to sleep la..my S U P E R M A N pon da abes study!yibbaaaa..jom tdo!!!

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