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Sunday, April 3, 2011

i miss ma husband

I was looking through all of ma old posts today n I must admit, I really miss blogging! It is such a great way to keep up with life...Life has been pretty crazy recently.
I miss ma husband. He has only been gone for 7days n I miss him dearly...It sounds gediks,but it is true...

day 1 until day 7...
da worst part for me is at night...I am so used to having ma husband by ma side at night....
I like to feel him next to me either holding ma hand or breathing next to me....It is harder to fall asleep without having him next to me...
I can't wait till he gets home and I can't be alone again...
but still I'm blessed with so pretty bestfrens...!ice,asyu,hanna,shasha,alyah,dina,alya,sarra n lina..lyn,kak nass,ieja,n thanks to u all for da BBM,emails,sms,calls..i love u all!muchh!thanks ,for making time for me,even ur busiest days..love u all ma girls!



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