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Sunday, March 20, 2011

i love him so much...so plz..dont get annoyed with ma post... :)

akulah yang rindu
tanpa dirimu
hilanglah manjaku
kata naluriku...
cintamu hanya di hatiku...

izinkan aku
selami hatimu..
izinkan aku
bisikan cintaku
pada kau yang satu
hanyalah untukmu..

engkaulah yang satu
pujaan hatiku
sucinya cintaku padamu
hanya kau yang satu
kasih dan rinduku

yes...I'll more than likely post several times a week about how much I love ma husband n how incredibly thankful I am for our marriage,post yg jiwang karat....so,arap2 xde yg jeles..?becoz..I just feel like some people probably read it n roll their eyes,act..I started this blog just to document our lives,rite afta kami kawen...So yeah, I'll post a whole lot of lovey dovey crap because that's who we are...We love each other a lot, n I love it...Of coursela, we have our moments...We argue ocassionaly n disagree about certain things..biasala gaduh2 tu kan,tp mmg tu normal..kalo xpernah gaduh tu yg abnormal...I certainly won't be posting about those things though.I don't really think they need to be thrown out there for everyone to see. I would never post anything disrespectful or rude about ma husband..itu saje,lagipun dlm agama Islam pun...BERDOSA BESAR sekiranya seorang isteri mengAib kan suaminya..kan kan...

So, with that being said, here's another post of how much I love our date last night..ngeeeeehhh....
layan Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa...chewaaaah..mula2..mmg honestly,we all agak takut kerugian *walopun gune ticket voucher yg aku dapat dr MAXIS*ehehehe...sbb tu epic story,i mean..takut boring kan..tp mak aku mmg bersungguh2 paksa aku tgok cite tu..mase gayut petang tu..ish ish..mak aku kate..tu sejarah melayu..kalo xtgok..bila lagi la korang nak bace,hehehe..so..skrg,mak..kami da tengok dan mmg 5stars!berbaloi KRU abes RM8juta..

it is a tale about da Malay sultan, starting from da kingdom of Langkasuka (kedah) da people of langkasuka live in chaos because of da two tribe is always got into fight...da garuda is stronger because of their leader are immune (KEBAL) to any types of assault that threaten him,die ade pakai mcm tangkal ajaib..tataula camne nak explain..tp mmg tangkal la..actually, he steal da amulet from his master,then...die lupa diri sbb nk conquer sume srg2..ish..ish..tamak..

one day, merong reach da langkasuka land because of bla bla bla...then Merong become a king n one day,da admiral of china come to visit merong n they want to set a war between garuda,cam berpakat2 tuk serang balik GARUDA,so..ROME,CHINA n LANGKASUKA bergabung!bla bla..i would not tell.. hehe...

so..i totally recommend u all to go n watch da movie ok..

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