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Friday, April 8, 2011

i love ma eyes ogey!

I haven't blogged in a while because ma head feels so fuzzy n mixed up that I don't know how to describe anything...I've been really busy!tapi..busy la sangat aku ni kan..act sbb KEMALASAN..hehehe...
so..how is everybody today?

I'm doing great!(im sick today act-nerd face)
bla..bla..but still having a really good day today..wheww!

Went to doc today....

aku lah insan yang sakit mata for today..ekekekeke...so xley gie keje..
Yes it does hurt.
Very much so...!

  1. S E E clearly..
  2. Walk around...as usual,
  3. R U N..
  4. nek tangga laju2..
  5. reply BBM cpt2...
  6. Facebooking via phone..
n da worse part is..aku lah jua insan yang paling typo harini...tula ili,padan muka ko,sape suh ko malas sgt..pasni tido terus sampai pagi n jgn bukak lens smpai seminggu eh..
ish ish..plus PMS lagi..wheww..all in 1..urm....wut else..
I can't think of anything to type.
(-_-) I'm tired...nunyte everyone!sweetdream!

Okay, thats it for now. See you in the next-God-knows-when post!

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