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Sunday, January 23, 2011

My List of Thankfulness!!

My List of Thankfulness!!
I'm Thankful for:

♥ My HUSBAND for everything,n every single thing.. :)
♥ My sister wawa n to all ma sis in law
♥ My Mom for her secret recepi! n mom in law for party set!
♥ my dad n ma father for gimme a set of BARANG2 dapur n ma father in law for da sweetest compliment !
♥ My brother mirol for $$$$
♥ My Grandparents
♥ My Cousin dayah coz die ade remind me sumthin gud for both of us!
♥ My Friends
♥ My Boss
♥ Drawing Pad
♥ Our Financial Security (aka ma HUSBAND)
♥ My BlackBerry
♥ All My Favorite Songs
♥ Movies
♥ Our Freedom
♥ Fashion Books
♥ Silly Faces
♥ Strawberry Banana Juice
♥ Snuggling
♥ Sailor Moon
♥ My Husband's BlackBerry
♥ Soft Cardigans
♥ My Comfy Bed
♥ Those Days When I feel Well Again
♥ Swingsets wif ma sis in law n ma besties YAYA
♥ My Life

♥ And a million other things!

I'm bursting with thankfulness!!

What are you thankful for??

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