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Sunday, January 23, 2011

lil reminders!


Drink More Water!! I know tat this is something we always hear, but we often forget tat we need to stay hydrated throughout our busy days. Drink a large glass of water when u first wake up!

Get at least 6 hours of sleep! Or more!! We need sleep, people!

Try to get a little exercise everyday! Exercise makes u feel great bout urself!
certain people love going da gym n others hate it..so tgok mane yg match wif ur lifestyle!

Stop beating urself up every time u eat something tat isn't considered "healthy". xde masalah pon with indulging in something yummy every once in a while..yg pnting,pandai makan..pandaila buang...

Take ur time when u are eating! Chew ur food slowly n take a sip of ur drink in between each bite.
(org kate kalo mkn slow2 cpt kenyang,so cpt kenyang..auto kite akan mkn sket aje),ni more to mind set la..

Ask a friend to be ur healthy living buddy!! Keep each other on track with meal ideas n paling lah penting,give each other support !JANGAN MENGELAT!

Just ignoreorg2 yg suke thinks tat ur quest for a healthy n happy life is stupid. Their face is stupid!! Some people are just downers! They like to complaint n nothing makes them happy. Nothing they have to say will benefit ur efforts kan.. so just tune them out.

Reward urself for accomplishing ur goals!! Get your hair done, get a facial, have dessert, go out for fun! Life is always worth celebrating and even ur small accomplishments r victories worth a party!

p/s:i challenge u to..... :)

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