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Monday, January 24, 2011

random news!

1 . j u i c y c o u t u r e + v i c t o r i a s e c r e t!

*at ma workstation :)

2. hot news! ade org curik raindrops MEGAN FOX!

raindrops polka dots shasha aka c megan fox.. (as per below) heh heh heh,tp sedey plak bila dpt tau ade org curik,FCUK la kat sape yg ambik tu!
dala charger experia pun skali hilang..apela benak c pencuri tu nk curik charger..haisy..
*arap2 misplaced je or jumpa balik charger c megan ni..


*new bff afta da raindrops n c l i n i q u e !soon!






  1. Nikili..i miss u!anyways,TQVM sebab promote I dalam blog u ni.tak pasal2 i jadi famous!hahaha.
    sayang u :)see u soon!

  2. shasha,miss u too..haha...1 dunia baca ni..ekekekeke...u kan megan fox,i saje ambik kesempatan nk tumpang ke glam u kot..megan hilang charger..memang i org pertama nk up status..hek hek..