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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My husband and our unborn child is so precious to me!

Feeling good. ..sgt brselera..now dah 65 kg..houuh..
Although I do feel like I get tired easily...bukan malas tau....I cannot stay still for long at all...kaki pon dah swollen,smpai mcm kaki gajah,muahaha..
Having braxton hicks contractions a couple times a day...fake contraction..yg ni mase 1st kena..sgt menakutkan,,ingtkan dah smpai mase,rupenye..fake contraction saje,hehehe..
Sleeping well...Maybe a little too well..
I am pretty sure I don't move at all..When I wake up to go to da bathroom I am still on da same side I fell asleep on..da masuk 34 weeks lagi mr husband akan bangun sekali temankan saye ke toilet..:) tq abg..
Still amazed at all the movement this baby does. I love watching my stomach when you can see it from the outside. It never seems to gets old. It is just a miracle that there is a little human inside..Alhamdulillah..syukur..
Constantly entertained by stranger's comments...It is fun that strangers usually strike up a conversation about pregnancy or ask me when I'm due, etc...
Sometimes people like to guess what I am having..hehehe..hehehe,dah 2 x confirm dah pun :)
I can't believe it is getting so close to her due date!da latest checkup doc kate,uri dah matang,if nak deliver sekarang pon boleh..hehehe...anytime from now...seriously xsabar...harini mr husbandp belikan set bersalin,hm...rindu sungguh saye pada beliau...berjauhan buat saye sangat emo.. :( * to be safe,let's blame it all on da hormon!i'm human after all..
kesian naim melayan perangai mak buyung ni..hehehe..ma hubby always has been a great guy,neva complaint,not even once,i am so lucky to marry him..it's become more exciting becoz baby appears to be responding to Naim's questions n comments!air mata ni asyik nak jatuh je stiap kali he talks to our unborn child..rase sangat-sangat,,sekejap nye mase berlalu,dr zmn berkawan,zmn skolah..zmn bercinta,berkahwin n now dah ade zuriat pewaris beliau..hm,i wish u r here syg,or i am there,,gile rindu ma hommies!!miss u badly!!!


  1. ..sy pon slalu tgk perut sis in law sy bergerak2..baby die sgt aktif..pregnancy die muda sebulan dgn illi..hope illi selamat lahirkn baby yg sihat..

  2. mak buyung.. bile lagi.. xcited ni... sgt2.. :)

  3. liyana:tq liyana..tulah,sgt miracle kan bila perut tu bergerak2..
    eyda..hye eyda...insyaallah..smpai mase nt ili bbmeh :)

  4. ..illi ditag..