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Monday, August 8, 2011

There is always a first for everything, right? p/s:my husband..my first love...hehe..n this year is da first Ramadhan for me fasting and being pregnant at the same time...17 weeks and it is perfectly safe for me to fast, as per my doctor said. However, in the event that I am not up to it, I can always break fast...But I am trying to fast for as long as I can and for as many days as I can... But alhamdulillah, all is fine so far, except that i felt extremely sleepy during the day, which I think is normal regardless whether you are fasting or not…bahaha ..I was neither hungry nor thirsty. But still feeling nauseous and dizzy and having any other symptoms that require me to break fast….yah o know..i can't use the excuse of being pregnant to break fast ..but wut to do?alhamdulillah. however, so far, i've not performed terawih prayers yet as i will be short of breath, semput and i feel so uncomfortable after eating. i did not eat that much but every time i eat, i will feel breathless, thanks to my growing baby. Any position i sit is not comfortable. *sigh* i hope i will be able to go through this holy month without any problems and Insha’Allah, i hope to fast for the whole month. may this holy month of Ramadhan bring blessings to all of us and may all our prayers are answered by Allah swt.
*the part where I am having a hard time looking for maternity work clothes..went to KLCC..yesterday,I've started wearing maternity pants though..bought from Modernmum boutique,design baju kat modernmum sgtlah tidak memberansangkan..so,skrg ni baju still boleh pakai mane yg ade saje..hekhekhek..even berat da naik 49.7 :erm.. thanks to MIL coz belanja i handbag :),n thanks ti mu mum sbb belikan maternity dress untuk kaklong pakai mase raye nanti :)
thanks to cik abg for duit shopping raye..bukan duit raye lg eh,duit raye kena kasi pagi2 raye..ekeke.. :) love u all!
p/s:They are (maternity legging) super comfy but I still have trouble finding suitable formal work clothes...
~sigh~I know I shouldn't be worrying that much but sometimes I can't help it. I'm glad that my husband is very supportive and he has been very patient in dealing with my crankiness, mood swings and all that jazz. One of the good thing about being pregnant is that you can always say that it's the hormones haha. .of course, I love him anyway and I love him with all my heart. No one else could love me and treat me the way he does and I am forever thankful for that...

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