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Sunday, February 13, 2011

hari bersejarah~Majlis Persandingan Raja Sehari

29 May 2010~ Hari Persandingan Naili's!

its me n Mr U R DA !!

yamanilanolie at naili's Pelamin!

yamanilanolie at da bride's room aka ma room!

ma besties since 90'



ma stylist!

ma lobey doc!thanks for coming babes!love u all!


babes!love u all!thanks for everything yah!

ma mak T n mak epah!thanks for coming!

love u guys!mmmmuahhhh!thanks for da present n thanks for coming!mmmuahh!

ma biggga family!mmuahh!

ma mom in law!

ma mom n ma daddy cool!

waiting to come in.da arrivals of ma KEKANDA!

hye! :)

Was a beautiful day!
alhamdulillah....everything was perfect! :D

kuning raja sehari!
Well i just wanted to share ma beautiful wedding day
with u guys since we're like family now!
Yes it was almost 10 months ago but it felt like just yesterday!yoooo!
xterasa da nk dekat setahun i kawen..:)
semoga sentiasa kami kekal berbahagia sampai syurga..

p/s:Hope u enjoyed it!n tuk yg xsuke kan entry i..plz..dont cry for our HAPINESS! :p

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