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Sunday, February 13, 2011

19 June 2010~Majlis Bertandang aka Majlis Menyambut Caye...hehehe :) enjoy!

thanks to all!xoxo!mmmuaaahh!

alhamdulillah...thanks to semua family n saudara mara husband i sbb Majlis Bertandang or Majlis Menyambut Menantu sgtla meriah.i sgt2 terharu.. T.T
love u all..feeling very lucky sbb bkn sume org dianugerahkan keluarga mertua yg sgt2 baik hati n menyayangi caye n paling penting..hubungan kami direstui semua..alhamdulillah.....:)
p/s:mak,ayah,wan n family caye sgt2 berbesar hati di atas layanan yg telah diberikan..thanks semua!
da bride's car!

our bridesmaid!thanks to one n ice!

da bride's frenzzaz!thanks for coming guys!

me wif asyu!mmuaah!

ma juju,kaka,asyu n ice..thanks sbb sanggup travel from kl to ma hometown!!love u all damn much!


thumbs up to all of u guys!


wif ma lovely kekanda!

*.* eyelashes!

jeng jeng!


flowergalls aka ma anak-anak buah yg sgt2 shomel!

mummy tgah refill energy tuk sume flower galls before they falls down..hehe..

da greatest mummy aka ma sis in law!shantek kan?

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