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Thursday, December 30, 2010


im back!

Wow, I didn’t realize I haven’t blog for such a long time. Ma last blog post was at 6 nov,n today is 30 dec, which means I haven’t blog for ??? months!! What can I say, time FLIES!! hahaaha…

If u were wondering wut happened to me? I can tell u everything is fine, it’s just tat I’ve been busy taking care/entertaining ma family members… hehe.. put too much time on then till i totally forgot about ma blog!

Anyway, will start to blog now n then.. stay tune…

If u r a frequent reader of ma blog (last time lar, now i don’t think got ppl visit ma blog everyday anymore.. :p) u probably noticed tat I did not update tat often lately, at least not as often as last time. Ya, a lot of stuff happened afta Nov 6, personal stuff, work stuff, but I don’t even have time to update ma blog.. :(

Not only no time updating ma own blog, I also didn’t have time to blog hop, to go read other people’s blog. Tat day I visited a few blogs tat I used to visit n noticed tat they also didn’t update tat often anymore. So it’s not just me, everyone seems to update their blogs less...hehehe.. :p


Don’t u love shopping? I love shopping n I even love to shop on White Friday+Pinky Saturday. I know, there will be lot’s of crowds, traffic jam on tat day..hehehe,now..aku agak terjatuh cinta balik ngan ~

Juicy Couture Band Agate handbags pink

^.^naseb bek ade online shopping..big savings, no crowds, no waiting n no traffic jams. Some of the items even provide free shipping too!!

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