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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Seriously….hisssyyy!!!!!!W T F !!

some thing very wrong wifma blog… i can update but i can’t view the actual blog page… weird…very pissed wif ******.. they say for free blog, go find solution at da user manual… I then go n find solution there but none of da topic is wut i encounter.. sian~ this problem have been very long lor… i think got more than 1 month le… maybe will export all ma post n back to blogspot… but i don’t know where to find nice blogskin leh… haisyy…act..I haven’t updated in a lllooonnngg time. juz cube+cube to recap bot all da things happen b4..hahaha..then..here’s a recap of ma recent love life..hahaha..yes..i realize tat its more than ***days since ma laz post here..

~i love M A X I S!~

As mentioned from last post tat im working so for da past weeks ..Im too busy to blog… i didn’t have tat much time for all these…i meant,since im working wif M A X I S la kan..waa..im struggling to have da rite time for blogging..but for sure..

im G A G A G A G A G A L...ngehhh...tdo lg siiiidappp oo...then i also realize tat any readers I might have had r long gone.~sedey sket..

N yes, I admit tat I tend to be extremely lazy after ma working hours..coz..h a r i- h a r i s a y e a d e T E S T la...sian again! act working life still not bad… dpt ramai member bru..ma colleagues,i meant 1 department sume laki kot..theasi,gordon n kumar-i..

( 1 M A L A Y S I A ) hahahaha..act i ve met 1 funny KUMARI there.. kumar..he’s very funny la n always bring laughter to me n da whole class akan sakit perut sbb once die start to express sumthin..then,it would be funny to us..hai kumari...then ade Ida yg salu tmnkn aku n byk tlg aku time training..die mmg cam gps aku..wakakaka..ade lin...ade along,kelvin,fazz,kak ina,,ade nora,kelvin,syafiq n fizan..trainer yg pling best shanty,aku sukee die..ade sue yg sporting..ade val yg very calm..ade easwer..hahaha..common words die..(order2..)hahaha..aku ngn lin mesti gelak nye sal ni..hahaha..hari2 ade test..ade presentationla..ade m i s s i s i p i..kekekeke..ade N A I M yg salu support aku bileaku mcm ..erkkk..cam nk vomit mgadap notes..thanks cuk..I L O V E U S O M U C H!!!then.. definitely,bg aku..working then at da same time life being a "Mrs" for a month plus so far hasn’t had difference except to da fact tat alot of things are communicated between both…So far NOTHING UNHAPPY occurs n everything is just as fine…Staying in da "new" house makes me misses da "home" more… Traveling around wasn’t as accessible as before hence makes me feel more lazy to go anywhere else… =(These few days was really nice, we basically do most of da things together nwe went shopping just yesterday…beli brg2 dapur..yes,im willing to prepare makanan berbuka sendiri mulai sekarang..hehehehe..ye,sye bekerjaya,but still i can prepare n serves my lubby hubby wif ma own chemicals recipes..muahahahaha..ni bukti saya sayang sangat kat suami saye...

mak pesan:bz mane pon nt bile da start keje..jgn lupe masakkan untuk suami..tu tips nk buat suami kite bertambah syg pd kite..hehehehe,ill try my best mom!

lalalala..no tittle..coz all of da contents mmg xorganized at all..ngeeehh..no ideas lor..LOL..

Some time, i just don’t feel good… i had a bad dream today n i actually cry in ma dream… then i found ma pillow wet…sob..sob..but still ..I’m so happy that i finally begun to be more independent n not so lazy…even bgun lewat sbb setting jam kt hp bertukar dr am-->pm+saye still penuh semangat nk p training...hoyyya...chayyok iliey!!!!da best things for this 1st week of ramadhan...is..

*D I N A was really nice… coz i didn’t get to eat the sotong bakar tat i wanted initially, she bought sotong bakar for ma berbuka time on last wednesday… =) act..i unintentionally mention that i want to,but die da fhm mmg aku sangap gile ngn sotong tu( gile frust bile sotong bakar da totally fully booked..muahahahaha....thanks dina coz belikan aku keesokannya..!!!!

p/s:nyaris gune tactic nie:abg penjual sotong bakar..saye pregnant ni..boley ke abg penjual sotong bakar bg can kt saye dlu...???

mate da ngantuk..to b cont tomorrow...*____*

tomorrow maybe..ngeeeeeh..

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