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Thursday, May 12, 2011

ma birthday wishlist!

It’s ma birthday next week! Hooray for cake, not-so-hooray for da aging part… Below is ma birthday wish list, in case u want to send me a little something-something kan kan...ekekeke.. I do love birthday gifts, I won’t lie...n as any shopaholic,da few latest items I’ve been coveting are slightly outrageous…!but its not necessary da latest 1la of course ~smiling I would also love to hear about ur birthday wish-lists! Is there anything that u would really love to get on ur birthday, that u would not buy for urself?
1.Ipad 2~I don't have to tell u that 9 1/2 out of 10 people would love to get an iPad 2 under their tree..n i am one of those people...woot woot!

2.Double Sticko Ring~or maybe single mithcy ring?I don't think I even have to say a word. I adore rings n double rings are even better,da important is..simple, sophisticated n very chic!homa!
3.Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Rounded lines,yuhoo.., retro styling, n simple operation make this point n click great for parties, art projects, n nywhere i'd like to take instant photos...*pssst...

4.Colourful flats or wedges! i'm international size ~7 to 8 :p

5.Blackberry and Ipad 2 accessories~wink wink any perfumes *.*fine choco!

6.Movie passes!

7.A cat acceccories for CoCo,hehe,might be coco banana Free fine dining~LOL

BTW this is just ma WISH list ok...They're ma desires only... :)




  1. sonok dah dpt ipad 2? hehe. jeles sungguh! :p

  2. kaklang ku sayang..happy sgt2..ekekeke
    xexpect lansung sbb mmg plan nk beli sendiri..panjang cite :)
    tp sgt2 la happy bila dpat ade org kasi..ekekeke
    tp delay on shipping...
    27hb ni baru sampai malaysia :)