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Friday, March 18, 2011

Sorry for da lack of updates..life's a lil' busy...Well..not busy as in busy in a serious kinda way.... haha.Busy in a sense that I have so many things going on in ma life right now,happy,wonderful,gud,as well as bad n weird things..kehidupan namenye kan..

Great things..sbb ma mom in law bru balik dr Mecca..n beliau selamat pulang ke Malaysia..cuma,kesihatan xbrpa okey..batuk2 n demam...mak cik ani yg follow skali pun same..naseb bekla 2 2 still dpt gagahkan diri untuk sempurnakan amalan2 kat sana..erm,thanks yah ma sbb kasi ili *fancy coloured diamond*+*da latest Certina watch Swiss collection*untuk kami..mmmuaahh!

other than that..Hmmm....nothing much to say, just feels like mumbling a bit about that car at this moment...haila baby v,jgn rosak-rosak lagi tau lepas ni..da beriban habis..xmaula menyusahkan sesape lagi..so plz..plz...kecian ma cik abg duk ulang alik bengkel pluz nak final exam lagi...TT

thanks to kak Dhie +Amie+hanna+n Apek..coz byk tolong kami..vroommm+$$$$+WUR+JKU..thanks yah!!!

act..lot's of things happened da progression of recovering ape benda yg dalam engine to be perfect...lots of experience i have gain this few weeks..lots of money spended to this..deep inside i really hope that jgn la baby v rosak lagi eh..ape2 pun,alhamdulillah..sabtu ni da siap..insyaAllah...

I just finished unload ma stuff from ma car to ma room, now I need to unpack them n time to kemas kemas kemassss!! Ughh. Penat nyaa. =( coz xsempat nak lepak ngan Hanna,Sarra n Lina..sorry guys..beria je packing brg2 sume..hehehe..maybe next time yah..

semalam dpt gud news from ma boss..hehehe...baruje terpikir nak belikan sesuatu untuk ma cik abg...then...I received one for ma self! Heee...I'm SO happy! This is why I believe in giving! Cuz I know, I will get something in return in da future..bkn harapkan balasan..tp mmg buat baik dibalas baik kan?tak lupe...kepada yg da byk tolong kami...insyaAllah..nanti..ade rezeki lebih...=)

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