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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Women's Day+Unbelievable Birth Cases on Earth

Kinda busy lately..n I'm fucking tired..I'm tired of thinking things that act wont change, yet she's neva change kot..kalo da mcm tu perangai dr kecik..korang ingat mudah ke die nak berubah..tp aku sentiasa doakan beliau cpt2 terima hakikat sebenar..I'm so tired of da same OLD BULLSHIT over n over again like a fucking cycle..dr kecik..da besar..gaduh..baik balik...gaduh..gaduh n aku still buat mcm biasa je..jemput dtg ke maj kawen,open house..but of coz there is da SHIT happened la..wut da furr...plz la..da ade boyfren buatla cara ade boyfren..sayangila..hargaila lelaki yg menyayangi ko..buat ape ko nak mengharap pada lelaki yg xpernah ade hati ngn ko..dan dah jadik milik org pon..
*okey..so ni maybe last entry aku pasal MAKCIK ni..sbb da sgt2 xlarat nk layan da..so,selagi die xde carik pasal ag ngn aku..selagi tu aku okey aje...but if,IF LA..ade lagi benda bodoh yg die buat aku hangin..hoh..fuuuhh..dunno wutcha say la wei!seriously! E N D
okey,..today is Women's Day...happy women's day to ma mom,n ma momma in law...to all ma sis n sis in law..ma aunt...n to other women oso..for ma self,hehehe..don't u just love being a woman?best kan...boley pkai gown..dress..i like!hehehe..so,to all women out there..plz.. STAND TALL yah..n be proud that u r a women...
act i wanna share abt da ♥♥ Unbelievable Birth Cases on Earth ♥♥...Sharing is caring :) Happy Viewing!!! act i got this from 1 of ma coworkers..
Most Surviving Children from a Single Birth (8 babies)
Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman Gutierrez gets international attention when giving birth to 8 babies in one single time in January 2009. All babies were conceived via in-vitro fertilization. The unemployed single mother already has six young children at home also by in-vitro fertilization
Black and White Twins
This is a million-to-one survival twins born with different skin and eye colors. Marcia and Millie Biggs, both 4 years old, astounded all doctors, teachers and other people when persuading that they are twins. Marcia, the blonde hair, takes after the mother while Millie, the black one, likes the father

Rumaisa Rahman was born on 19th September 2004 with 10 inches long and 8.6 ounces heavy. His mother Mahajabeen Sheikh was pregnant only in 25 weeks and six days.
Rumaisa Rahman, the world's tiniest baby, was born at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood. He weighs less than a can of beer.
Lina Medina, is the youngest confirmed mother in medical history, who was born on September 27, 1933 in the small village of Paurange and was only 5 years 8 months old to give birth to her child on May 14, 1939. To be specific, Lina Medina's parents thought their 5-year-old daughter had a huge abdominal tumor and when her father carried her to a hospital. However, it turned out that she was pregnant, and the baby weighed 2.7 kg.
so..Good Moms n womens sacrifice for their kids… right?
The Images of A Mom
♥ 4 YEARS OF AGE ♥ My Mommy can do anything! ♥
♥ 8 YEARS OF AGE ♥ My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot! ♥
♥ 12 YEARS OF AGE ♥ My Mother doesn't really know quite everything ♥
♥14 YEARS OF AGE ♥ Naturally , Mother doesn't know that , either! ♥
♥ 16 YEARS OF AGE ♥ Mother? She's hopelessly old-fashioned♥
♥ 18 YEARS OF AGE ♥ That old woman? She's way out of date! ♥
♥ 25 YEARS OF AGE ♥ Well , she might know a little bit about it♥
♥ 35 YEARS OF AGE ♥ Before we decide , let's get Mom's opinion♥
♥ 45 YEARS OF AGE ♥ Wonder what Mom would have thought about it?♥
♥ 65 YEARS OF AGE ♥ Wish I could talk it over with Mom♥

Some of ma fav quotes and scriptures
♥ "Young women, your mothers adore you. They see in you the promise of future generations. Everything you accomplish, every challenge you overcome brings them pure joy. And likewise your worries and heartaches are their worries and heartaches."♥
♥ "And so, my dear young women, with all my heart I urge you not to look to contemporary culture for your role models and mentors. Please look to your faithful mothers for a pattern to follow. Model yourselves after them, not after celebrities whose standards are not the Lord’s standards and whose values may not reflect an eternal perspective. Look to your mother. Learn from her strengths, her courage, and her faithfulness. Listen to her. She may not be a whiz at texting; she may not even have a Facebook page. But when it comes to matters of the heart and the things of the Lord, she has a wealth of knowledge. As you approach the time for marriage and young motherhood, she will be your greatest source of wisdom. No other person on earth loves you in the same way or is willing to sacrifice as much to encourage you and help you find happiness—in this life and forever."♥
♥ "Throughout the history of the world, women have always been teachers of moral values. That instruction begins in the cradle and continues throughout the lives of their children. Today our society is bombarded with messages about womanhood and motherhood that are dangerously and wickedly wrong. Following these messages can put your daughters on the path to sin and self-destruction. Your daughters may not understand that unless you tell them or, better, unless you show them how to make good choices. As mothers in Israel, you are your daughters’ first line of defense against the wiles of the world."♥
♥ “What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say” (see Ralph Keyes, The Quote Verifier [2006], 56)♥
♥ "But the home is the most important place to prepare the youth of today to lead the families and the Church of tomorrow. It rests upon each one of us as mothers and fathers to do all we can to prepare our youth to be faithful, righteous men and women. It is in the home where we must teach the gospel by precept and by example."♥
♥ Cheers to everyone who keeps entering ma blogspot page n reading ma blog. I appreciate u all so much n again. u so much. Love you ♥

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