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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

tips untuk sentiasa H A P P Y!

I came across a list titled: “Tips kebahagiaan rumah ”. ewah...I thought that they are worth mentioning n maybe research la kan.. I wonder how much of these are followed by couples dlm dunia ni n relevant ke...then i go thru 1 by 1..wah..relevant n most of them,mmg we all salu buat..ekekeke..*bukan perasan...ini betul-betul...hehe..I am not promoting anything, I am just thinking in da form of writing je..tats all..
The list goes as follows, if u all rasa boring..masa bace ni,maybe for those yg still single..hehehe.., try to stop n come back later because I found them very interesting and I am hoping you will do too!chill!


one~Start each day with a kiss ~ i rasa ni BENDA yg PALING SENANG n PALING BEST...plus.it can be healthy,nice, smoking hot n sexy!o yeah!

two~Wear ur wedding ring at all times ok..
three~Accept differences ~ No one is perfect. but still..healthy arguments r good for da relationship, tp jgn la gaduh smpai nak Ce***i or else DI****..elakkan k..

na na na,Tuhan xsuka tu..*aku pun penah gaduh-gaduh manja..sbb tau sgt..dak iliey ni DEGIL..hehehe..naseb bek si dia suke pujuk...tp untuk peringatan diri sendiri jgk..jgnla BULI mr husband korang..jgn manja yg mengada2 ye..manja yg betul2 manja takpe..ekekek.. :p

four~Be polite.. please, thank u, u are welcome… these are not only meant for strangers,ur own spouse n family should come n mestiiii salu gune k...
five~Be gentle....... :)

six~Give gifts,nice small gifts are appreciated every once in a while..selalu pun lagi bagus..ehek ehek..
seven~Smile often,barula awet muda n suami sayang....tp act,aku pun prnah je muncung tanpa sebab munasabah..ekeke..biasala pempuan kan..hehehe..
eight~TOUCH,intimacy between married people is very important n touching is a means of communication that reflects closeness, connection n love,it is ur way to express ur feeling..hehehe...kalo mahu kate mahu..

ten~Talk about dreams,dreams of da future that is.. if u don’t share dreams with spouse,then who?kitorang mmg kaki berangan..kalo ade anak mcm ni,mcm tu..bla bla..
eleven o yeah~Select a song that can be “our song” (secret)

twelve~Give back rubs..bestnye..this means...be comforting both mentally,physically n if u don’t know how to give back rubs n massages; it is time to learn! (Bloomberg)
thirty~Laugh together..hahahaha..laughter is like !it is medicine..when u share good lafs together,da fun grows in da relationship n u grow closer n stronger every day....oyeahhh!
fourty~Send a card for no reason oso can be nice lor..“I love you” or “I miss you” notes every once in a while,it does boost one’s ego, doesn’t it? BBM pon boley...ekekeke..
then,of coz...listen!!this could da most important 1 eva , but note that u hud listen with empathy n not just hear what they are saying,u should get involved...(mr Khirzan,2008)

lastly...love him with L O V E!!!!!!I LOVE YOU MOHD NAIM!!!mmmmuaaah!

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