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Sunday, February 13, 2011

having a great weekend!

For a working wife like me, I guess it is not surprising why I am always excited for weekends..hahaha.. Why am I excited anyway?thanks to ma,to ma bro in law for da treat..thank u so much..:D

During weekends , I have da chance to bond wif ma husband n ma lovely family!...lalalala..
On selected weekends, we go out for homy date. It's a cheap date but really fun...plus,boley tido kalo mau..hehehe..sbb kat umah aje..hehehehe..*coach potato oso!
Weekends also allow me to cook for ma husband, which sometimes become our bonding since we both love to experiment in da kitchen..alhamdulillah..cik abg i mmg very helphul..plus,suke n pandai masak!
but I am excited for weekends kalinin coz of da following reasons...

ma mummy in law dtg lepak ngn kami..o whoah oo whoahh!

ma sis in law...yaya n her princess nina in da house!

ni ma sis in law lg sorang ni.. yg shantek ( sis nora) n ma bro in law yg encem (bro korie) pon dtg lepak same kalini..o yeahh!..


yum yum!lunch for friday..thanks guys sbb lunch ngn i kat Sunway Pyramid,hehe..i jln kaki je ngn hanna,kak nass,shasha n ieja..lyn ,genie n sha xde kalini.. :(

ma anak-anak buah buahan i yg sgtla shomel-shomel!
act jumaat i keje..tp rasa da mcm weekends sbb family i dtg lepak ngn i time lunch hour..from 1pm-230pm....lalala...then,keje pun happy plus i got ma tonet tonet also..(auntie Anne's pritzel chocolate yg sgt la lazat..yummy!)

happy working+happy weekends for me!

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