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Thursday, February 17, 2011


beliau ni mix of Japanese-English but most impressive is the fact that she’s a convert!
n other thing is her hijab wearing maybe will be regard as weird here because hers is like been blown by air..walaaa...sexy kan..so,who said u need to wear less or wear something that makes u look so sexy to look s e x y..?
At first, I heard abt Hana Tajima from Maghia's Blog,then,kwn aku ade bljr cra pkai hijab from video Hana tu..then aku try goggle..erm..then aku jmpa pitcha beliau dgn Yuna..so I tot she’s Malaysian and die BFF Yuna (TP TIDAK SEBENAR NYA) how wrong could I be..hehe..siap gtau kat kak nass ag..then..blogwalking…then jmpa la blog Hana Tajima dekat Blog Sue,erm…then tau plak yg c Hana Tajima ni is no local…mmg Hanna ade cite yg she a mixture of Japanese and English,die ni designer kat London,UK kot..MaySaa tu die punya…erm… pls guys..go check it out, its her label! Maysaa!
Xpun korang boley google and u all boley tgok kat StyleCovered!!fabulous!!!!

or else if you are searching for Hijab just go to her blog here .

I definitely adore her fashion sense…wah..gila gila aku suka sangattttt…*.* act guys..have you ever heard of this name?

haisy...beliau sgt2 cute!!

1 comment:

  1. ili, die ni da lama femes. i juz luv her style. lately die salu dtg msia utk promote her colections with yuna. comel sgt die kan :)