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Tuesday, July 6, 2010



I been trying maself to stay positive but sometimes I just feel too weak to gain more positive energy to flow inside ma vain. Yes, I feel so shaky today n I just feel so weak. I need to release so that tomorrow I will be back to normal self again. I thought I can write this without crying but then I afraid I can't.... I need to release. I am just so thankful that my laptop comes to life again because if not may be I been crying more. for now....Ma blog becomes ma outlet especially when I am feeling sad and so alone. At least here it's as if I'm talking to someone by just typing what I really feel...

*i miss u naim.....
*i miss u naim.....
*i miss u naim.....
*i miss u naim.....

I probably just miss my hubby so much.....!

ho ho ho...It's time to look good and feel good! Let's forget about any fibroidenoma, appendix scam or any problems that might ruin ma day.Ill deserve to be happy no matter what is ma status in life. I do understand that it is not always a beautiful day but being happy is always ma choice.

So..i noe tat i ve to ~~~> look good and feel good! This positive outlook will always help me see da brightest side of da day rather than focus ma energy in things tat will ruin ma day. N i noe tat happiness is free n in fact i will neva buy it in any stores in this planet. This only resides in ma heart and in ma mind.

iliey ~~~>Look good and feel good! yess!

even tho.....Am vegetarian again----->but I feel great about it ..

(sayur sawi+fishball+buburnasi)

damn..shit the only thing I will miss out on are the amazing eco meals at Burger King and Mc Donalds but I don't mind spending a little more to buy myself a veggie burger*act aku buat sendiri je!hahahaha..

(roti benggali+sawi+fishcake)

p/s: memang xsedap lansong..:(

So Happy Vegetarianism to me!Enjoy eating:)

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