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Monday, July 26, 2010

~ma soul~

I wanted to empty every corner of ma soul and put it down in words...

~N A I M~
Da whole world just seems too melt away when I close ma eyes n pitcha u.Everytime I rememba ur perfect face..im gonna missing u n feel like tu hugging u ketat2!love u so much!!!mwah mwah!! :*

U r ma life, U r ma very reason for existing, U are ma air. To be clear, U have ma heart. AND!....It always belonged to U!!!

erm...to all ma fellows!!!
Wish me all da best n hopefully tis year will become such one of da great year of mine.even tho,tis year pon almost at da end of..i still hope tat tis year will become such one i desired for..coz..there were actually so many things occured last year.

-experimental of fibroid adenomas,n da process of killing dat fiber..ngeeeee........
-1st RAMADHAN..i had an accident wif Naim..n now,im still in fobia..
so,for this year..NO MORE TEARS...ngeh..ngeh...i mean,rite afta tis..NO MORE TEARS ogey!
no matter what happened, thks all for making me so strong n also no matter what will happen tomorrow, life goes on!
act sgt2 terharu bile bce balik forwarded sms by kak YAYA(akak naim)to naim ,sms tu from kak MZA AMANDA..

*babe,aku nk passing num phone dreambuilders,die de jual ubat tuk sakit cam ili,kalo ili x ok berubat yg hritu..ko try la call tye..bla..bla....

haisyy..love u all damn much!!!
serius,aku sgt2 terharu..aku juz kenal kak Mza ni thru fb je,xpnah jmpe ag kot..tp die sgt2 tunjukkan yg die v v emphaty..a big THANKS to kak Yaya+Mza Amanda..thanks for da info..

takkanla aku nk sedey je kan..lg pun sume penyakit de ubatnye kan..afta yg da latest nye treatment hritu,da ok da..now,tgah pikir canne crenye tuk kuatkan semangat aku..
L U P A K A N S E A F O O D!!
aku tanak sakit da..n aku xpnah bia ade sket pot rse down..then until now..i still can remain da same feeling ( H A P P Y M O D E)!!
coz i ve ma lovely fams,ma comelest hubby,ma bestest besties n...
A L H A M D U L I L L A H..eveythings is OGEY for me..

I am now planning as a very big D A Y is waiting for me to deal with it on this becoming thursday.

* sign contract ngn MAXIS..ngeeee..then,nextweek da start!
Woo!!! I am so excited!td da settle ngn Kerry sal salary,expected salary aku da di approve kan oleh Maxis..gegegege...wacha wacha..tp nebes la nk keje ni............
aku nk kene improve lg comm skills aku,E N G L I S H aku..hehehehe..nk kne boost up ag sense of cnfidence ni..haisyy..reference person aku now..

*Mrs R A H A Y U H A S A N O R D I N yg cantik coz aku ngn die dr part 1..alhamdulillah..sume da settle,puan,ill keep ma words,so no need to worry bot..:)

but i am now confronting wif da masalah... coz lots of things to settle but of course, I have not settle them completely yet. ngeee..........(thumbs up+pdn muke ko) tuk dri sndri..
Hurrr...Anyhow, do not panic 'Sunshine'. U can deal wif it!!! Just believe in urself n things will b all right...~lalalalalalala....

here I am, ready to go. I've got da food, da knife, da cutting board, n I'm ready to put it all together.

C O O K I N G T I M Es!!!

lets play cooking!!!ngeeee...(playing alone)
p/s:People who think cooking is a burden, or boring,plz let me u noe tat~how much fun it actually can be! Cooking for me now is like an experimental, cultural, exciting experience!!

pssst:i juz..motivate myself..LET's PLAY!!it’s easy and fun!!hahahaha...

this is called as TUNAPOTA's act..so..lets ea together!ngeeee...itadakimasu!!!


  1. kak ili.. beznye.. cmne wt ni? pls list bhn2 n cara2 msak ni.. kak ili., i luv cooking! we've da same hobby.. hehe.. da byk dh try wt spagetti, punch, fried rice n soup.. pls ajar yg ni.. tgk merah + oren je.. beznye.. nyam2.. nnti blik kg nk try masak ni.. chicken chop je x pdai wat lg.. sis, tlg ajar i.. huhu..

  2. uit nenek gojes, krm2 le resipi kt org ni...hehe
    leleh den nengoknye...

  3. ngeehh..azie gojes..ni nme diberi sgtla glemer,tp da fact is..ni sardin yg aku cmpur ngn tomato n kentang saje..sekian..ha2..

    selamat mencuba ye..